Waste Wrapping System


A waste wrapping system has become an essential part of the modern baling process, especially when dealing with RDF, SRF, etc.

Middleton Engineering and its partners have developed a waste wrapping system that can be directly linked to the baling process.

Bales are conveyed into the wrapping system where the bale is automatically wrapped and then ejected.

  • The High Capacity Bale Wrapper will wrap bales up to 1,100mm x 1,500mm.
  • The control unit enables the operator flexibility to adjust the number of film layers.
  • One touch controls operate the automatic waste wrapping system and complete the cycle from start to finish.
  • The patented roller angle measuring device gives a constant and even wrap regardless of the bale size or shape, and also allows for extra care while wrapping.

Our research and development team are currently working on a direct wrap system – eliminating the need for tying.

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Waste Wrapping System
[content_box style=”black” title= “Advantages of Wrapping”]

  • Lower Costs
  • Less Odour
  • Ease of Transportation and Storage
  • Can be Retrofitted to any Baler



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