Middleton Engineering are a unique company that specialises in the waste recycling industry. We understand the demands of the industry are always looking for ways to improve waste baling solutions. Our clients include; local authorities, major UK supermarkets and leading distribution centres.

Everything that we make is produced here under one roof. Our design engineers use the latest 3D design software, we have a CNC machining department, large fabrication facilities, service workshops and an extensive storage department housing over 20,000 spare parts for a full range of recycling equipment including our specially designed hydraulic cylinders. We handle a wide range of projects, ranging from; simple refurbishments and service contracts to large scale turnkey installations.

In 2015, Middleton Engineering celebrated 40 years of business. We have a reputation for quality of work, excellent service and design innovation, which has established Middleton Engineering as a major supplying force within the industry, both nationally and worldwide. Our highly skilled management team and service engineers work in partnership with our clients to ensure projects are completed within the agreed programme, to the highest standards.

Our Range of Products


HB60HM Horizontal Baler

This recycling baler has a 60 tonnes press force, so it is ideal for baling cardboard and paper. It is perfect for most locations due to its small footprint with low headroom, while also being robust and designed for easy maintenance.

HB Pre–Press Recycling Baler

The HB Pre-Press are a range of pre-press channel balers that are based on our original and proven HB60 HM Baler. The addition of the pre-press design adds considerably to the throughput achievable.


ME Closed End Recycling Baler

The ME closed end, semi-automatic baler range is ideal for local authorities and small distribution depots. The high pressure produces a compact bale, therefore reducing transportation costs.

ME2R Twin Ram Recycling Baler

This baler has the flexibility to manage the widest range of waste materials, including hard plastics from TV and consumer electronics. The twin ram design produces denser and heavier bales.

Plastic Strapping one

Baler Strapping Systems

Britain’s first, one-stop solution to bale and strap your RDF/SRF with a Twin Ram Baler. We have developed our popular ME2R Twin Ram Baler range in order to produce a cost-effective Plastic Strapping Baler.

Baler Wrapping Solutions

Britain’s first one-stop solution to bale, string-tie and wrap your RDF/SRF. We have developed our popular HB60 Pre-Press Baler range in order to produce a cost-effective String-Tie Baler.

Polymer Industries_ME baler & conveyor 3

Middleton Conveyors

Be it an in floor, on floor, chain , trough or slider bed conveyor, we listen to our customer’s requirements in order to provide the right conveyor solution.

Customer Testimonies

‘Ecogen have worked with Middleton Engineering for the last 6 years. We purchased our first LP50 baler and conveyor back in 2015 that we still have to this day. We have been very happy with the service we received and continue to receive. In March 2020 we ordered our largest baler to date, the LP100 CH4, and we have been very happy with the quality of the machine and service provided. The design and installation team were excellent, overcoming any small issues with ease and skill. Over the years we have brought both balers and various conveyors from Middleton’s and found their products to be both good value and robust. I would not hesitate to recommend Middleton Engineering’.




‘The increase in baling productivity has been huge. The fact that it’s a British designed product with shared customer service values is particularly satisfying.’  

 Wiltshire Waste

‘The new Middleton baler adds additional capabilities to recycle difficult to handle waste streams. Producing uniform, highly compact bales helps optimize our transportation and storage costs.’

M.J. Church

We were very impressed by Miles and his team. They did a great job on the installation and very proactive in handling any concerns that we had.’

Cumbria Waste Management


‘Middleton Engineering were extremely helpful from the off. Nothing was too difficult and we quickly got a sense that we could work well together. They gave us a timescale and stuck to it. Essentially we were offline for just one day and baling in the afternoon. When it works like that it gives you massive confidence.’

St. Helier Municipal Services


‘Middleton Engineering provide an excellent service that we rely on When the main pump casing recently fractured, Middleton’s rapidly turned the job around – fitting a new pump, testing and checking the machine so we were back to work the same day.’

The Range


‘Middleton’s have been providing and servicing balers and conveyors to us for 16 years – we’re delighted with the service, the depth of the relationship we have with the company and indeed the quality of the product.’

The Co-operative Group


‘Middleton’s were happy to come to Scotland to see our facility and to understand what we needed. They added a feed in hopper at the base of the conveyor at our request, which was key to our processes.’

Stirling Council