More than just a paint job

For many recycling processes horizontal balers and feed conveyors are the most expensive items on the works floor and are critical to the operation. To maximise your investment and achieve greatest longevity from your machine, professional refurbishment may be the most cost effective way forward.

Your machine can be shipped to our workshops and completely overhauled in a time scale to suit your business.

Baler and Conveyor Refurbishment


Benefits include:

  Cost effective solutions

  Upgrade to latest safety standards

  Regain familiarity- no need to retrain your operators

  Environmentally sustainable


Refurbishments are matched to suit your budget. General overhaul service includes:

  Hydraulic Reseals

  Wear pad replacement

  Structural Damage repair

  Guard repairs or replacement

  Electrical repair or modifications


For more information please contact our sales and service team.