Conveyor Systems Design

Part of our total solution to customer’s requirements is our ability to produce ancillary conveyor systems for our full range of balers. We can provide a range of conveyor solutions to meet your needs.

Middleton Engineering conveyor systems are designed to exceed your expectations. We manufacture a wide range of conveyor solutions. All designed and manufactured to deliver a smooth and consistent flow of material to feed your production process.

The majority of our balers require in-feed conveyor systems. This can range from a small on-floor slider bed conveyor system to an in-floor chain conveyor with a built in picking section.

Conveyor Design-800px
Conveyor Design-800px

Conveyor options:

Slider-bed or Chain Driven
Steel Slat or Rubber Belt
Inclined, Swan Neck, Enclosed or In-floor
Automatic or Operator Controlled
Fully Integrated or Stand Alone
Walking Floor
Latest Safety Systems