Dual Tying Head Systems

Middleton Engineering’s revolutionary Dual Tying Head System is the first British-Built baler strapping system that combines both Wire Tie and Plastic Strapping capabilities on the same Twin Ram Baler, Thus, allowing for greater flexibility and increased cost savings to operators. Operators can change from one tying head to the next, in minutes, to allow for either method of tying. As a result, the same baler can be used for both normal recyclables and RDF/SRF.


The ability to use plastic strapping, made from recycled PET, offers significant costs savings over steel ties. Up to 40% cheaper than wire, it is also environmentally friendly and fully combustible, making it ideal for energy-from-waste applications.


Main Features of the Dual Tying Head System:

8 minute changeover
Hydraulically operated
British design and build
Can be retrofitted fitted to any Twin Ram Baler