MIDDLETON Engineering Achieves Export Success

MIDDLETON Engineering, the UK’s leading baler and recycling equipment engineers, has won a second order from Scandinavia’s largest recycling company to export a Middleton HB60 Shear Baler to Denmark. Ragn-Sells of Sweden will be putting the new baler, which can process 6 tonnes of cardboard an hour, at the centre of their cardboard recycling programme in Copenhagen.

Ragn-Sells, which collects, treats and recycles waste and residues from industry, organizations and households all over Scandinavia has chosen a UK baler because Middleton produces a “quality product, competitively priced that has good capacity” according to Bjørn Hoel, manager, Ragn-Sells.

The first baler Ragn-Sells bought from Middletons in June, was modified with the addition of a hook lift so it could be mounted onto a lorry to provide a mobile baling service for cardboard and plastics around the Norwegian islands – vastly more efficient than transporting all the waste to a central depot.

Hoel continued: “This is the second baler we have bought from Middletons because we wanted a robust, fully automatic machine, that is easy to operate and that requires a minimum of maintenance. It is particularly important that this second baler has low headroom and a small footprint so it can fit with the existing conveyor.

Commented Ashley Middleton, founder and MD of Middleton Engineering “It’s great to be able to export British technology and have such prestigious companies coming to us for the quality of our products. All our balers are designed and built in the UK to endure, typically lasting over 20 years, and our expert refurbishment service means they can live to bale again – often for another 10 years.”

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