Plastic Strapping Systems

Plastic Strapper is an economical replacement for steel wire tiers on all new and existing baling machines. Specifically, it does not attract the premium that EFW plants currently charge for processing steel wire bales.


Furthermore, it is combustible, which means that there is no risk of sparks being generated during incineration.

Strap executed every 6 seconds
Vertically straps a wide variety of baled waste products
Can be fitted to either new or existing waste balers
Made from recycled plastic
Designed to ensure protection from debris ingress
Fixed Strapping Head and Fixed Arch
Fast, Consistent Strap Feed increases up-time
200,000 cycles between major services
Siemens S7-312 with Pro-Face Panel View


Middleton Engineering are proud to introduce Britain’s first, one-stop solution to Bale and Strap your RDF/SRF with a Twin Ram Baler. We have developed our popular ME2R Twin Ram Baler range for the purpose of producing a cost-effective Plastic Strapping Baler. When baling and strapping solid waste for incineration purposes, the traditional steel wire must be removed. Which, of course, costs both time and money. Middleton Engineering’s polypropylene system offers significant reduction in both, as well as a reduction in consumables costs.


This revolutionary baler strapping system is also available as a retrofit to any existing make of Twin Ram Baler.