ME Poly 200 Polystyrene Shredder Baler

Recycling waste baler & shredder

The Polypress 200 recycling baler is designed to assist in the transportation and recycling of expanded polystyrene packaging. Producing a product that is 45 times smaller than original, in a 275mm square bale. The machine is Robust, Simple to Maintain and has Proven Reliability. Features include nylatron wear pads on the ramhead, in addition to a bale chute, which is vented and lined with stainless steel.


The Polypress 200 is supplied with:

An oil cooler
A dust extraction system
A fully integrated diagnostic system


Product Throughputs:

200 kgs/h

Bale size:

275 mm x 275 mm x variable

Press force:

47 tonnes @ 233 Bar

Feed opening:


Pump motor:


Auger motor: