Refurbished Recycling Equipment

Our second hand baler refurbishment programme is designed to give you the same exceptional experience as buying new, so you can have complete confidence and peace of mind.

All our refurbished waste balers have been carefully restored by our, in-house, team of technicians. They undergo our strict testing regime and also come supplied with a 6 month warranty.

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Middleton Scapa HB60 Refurbished Fully Automatic Baler

The SCAPA Middleton HB60 is a fully automatic horizontal baler with a 60 tonne press force. It was both designed and built in Britain.

This fully refurbished, used, horizontal baler 22kw version comes complete with a unique 5 wire tying system, in addition to a pressure reducing valve on the friction flap. As a result, it’s an ideal choice for baling plastic and cardboard, as well as, RDF.

Our durable design is compliant to British Standard. Full backup and spares are also available direct from our factory in Somerset.

SCAPA HB60 HM1 Specifications

Product Throughputs
25 kg/m³ – 6 t/h
50 kg/m³ – 7 t/h
100 kg/m³ – 10 t/h

Bale weight
450 – 550 kg

Bale size
1100 mm x 720 mm x variable

Strapping Wire

5 x Ø3.25

Press force
60 t

Max Hydraulic Pressure


Feed opening
1500 mm x 1100 mm

Oil Tank Capacity

650 Litres

Electric motor
1 x 22kW

Machine Dimensions

6800mm Long, 1722mm Wide, 2820mm High (+ Hopper)

13 Tonnes.


ME2R80 Material Recycling Facility

ME2R80 Baler

ME2R80 fully automatic Twin-ram baler that is used to bale the product from the sort-line.
The baler also includes an incline chain conveyor, complete with bulking hopper.
This is used to aid with loading of the baler, increasing overall through-puts and less over spill.

Wire Tying

This machine is provided with an Accent Wire Tying system which allows for easy tying of the bale. The Accent system allows for fully automatic tying of bales without the intervention of the operator. You can also see the system is supplied with fully interlocked guarding, preventing unsafe access to the tying head while in operation.

Wire tying

MRF Plant
Sorting system in operation, showing the separate bays for steel, plastic and aluminium. The fully guarded walkways surround the sort line, providing easy access for material picking and routine maintenance. The main in-feed conveyor moves product onto an incline slider-bed, at this stage operators can manually pick unwanted materials from the belt. Material will then move under an over-band magnet and over a magnetic head drum where ferrous materials will be removed. The product will then move onto an Eddy Current Separator, where the plastic and aluminium are sorted into separate waste streams. The plastic drops straight down into its storage bay, where the aluminium is transferred via a horizontal slider-bed conveyor.

Storage Bays
Two external storage bays for the a sorting system. These are used to store commingled materials before they are processed, as well as an additional bay for cardboard storage. The commingled bay is fitted with a hinged door, opening onto the sort-line in-feed conveyor. This is used to allow for easy loading of the system and aids with a more consistent through.

Mill size bale from ME2R80

Mill Size Bale

The ME2R80 baler produces high quality, mill sized bales as seen in this picture.The baler has been designed to allow for the processing of a wide range of products, it is installed with various program parameters to optimize bale weight.


If you would like to see this baler on our premises, then please feel free to contact us and arrange a visit.

Scapa ME80 Closed End Semi-Automatic Refurbished Baler

This design of closed end baler is ideal for baling all types of material. Designed and built in our Somerset workshops, it has been engineered to provide more than 20 years hard working life.

Delivering an 80t press force, it produces a mill size bale measuring
1,050 mm x 720mm x 1,400mm long. The high pressure obtained enables compact bales to be achieved, consequently, reducing transport costs. For example, a bale of tin cans could weigh around 550 kgs or news and PAMS at 700 kgs, depending on the product.

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Scapa ME80 Specifications

Product Throughput 50 kg/m³ – 2 t/h

Bale weight 300 – 700 kg

Bale size 1400 mm x 720mm x 1050

Press force 80 t

Feed opening 1000 mm x 1420 mm

No of wires 6

LP50 VH2 Refurbished Baler

This refurbished waste baler has a volume capacity of 360m³ per hour, (based on the in-feed density of the material at between 30 and 40 kgs per m³) therefore, giving a capacity throughput of 10 tons per hour of product. The baler has the ability to process cardboard, paper, cans or pet bottles and has a 37kw motor.

The tying system consists of curved needles operating from under the friction chamber. The needles draw the bottom wires which are then ready to be tied together, forming the complete bale.

The baler produces a bale measuring 1,100mm x 750mm x variable lengths. We find this size is most suitable for container shipments of loading onto curtain sided trailers, strapped with 5 vertical tied wires. The finished bale weight will be between 430-700 kg depending on material.

Additionally, this refurbished baler comes complete with pre-filling hopper, bale ramp, support legs and hydraulic oil.

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LP50 VH2 Baler Specifications

Volume Capacity 360 m³/h

Bale weight 430 – 700kg

Bale size 1100 mm x 750 mm x variable

Press force 50 t

Feed opening 1,500 mm x 1,100 mm

No of wires 5

Ex-demonstration McHale Wrapper

The McHale 998 square bale wrapper is the versatile solution for wrapping square bales. Common sense design, quality components and precision engineering make the McHale 998 the trusted choice for those who demand both high output and consistency of performance in tough conditions.

Packed with features, including conveyor loading with fast positioning of the bale into the wrapping position, hydraulically operated cut and tie system, auto bale leveling and, finally, a two point linkage mounted swivel head-stock . The 998 wraps bales from 800mm x 700mm to 1600mm x 1200mm.

The control unit enables the operator to change bale sizes and select the desired number of film layers too. When set, one touch of the auto start button operates the complete cycle.

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McHale 998 Specification

Bale Sizes 800mm x 700mm (Minimum), 1600mm x 1200mm (Maximum)

Max Bale Length 1800mm

Electrical Requirements 12 volt DC @ 5A

Unladen Weight 3875Kg

Refurbished Hydraulic Reel Splitter

This refurbished, hydraulic reel splitter comes complete with a new safety cage, with interlocked doors on both the front and rear. The cutting knife is 1660mm and will cope with reels up to 1450 mm in diameter.

Reel Splitter Specification

Reels Sizes Up to Ø1450mm

Cutting Knife Length 1660mm

Motor Size 18.5 kW

Electrical Requirements 415 v @ 33 A 3 Phase Supply

Presona LP-50-VH/2 Refurbished Baler

This refurbished waste baler was manufactured in 1997 and working until 2003. Capable of baling 340m³, these balers are renowned for both their reliability and robustness under high work loads.

Material Density:

30kg/m³ 10 tonnes per hour
50kg/m³ 50 tonnes per hour
100kg/m³ 100 tonnes per hour

With a maximum size of 1,100mm x 750mm x Adjustable Length and weight of 400-700 kg per bale.

This second hand baler has been refurbished to a very high standard.

Presona LP50VH/2 Specification

Filling Opening 1,500mm x 1,100mm

Press Force 50 tonnes

Specific Pressure 6,4 Kp / cm²

Max Oil Pressure 250 Bar

Oil Tank Volume 600 litres

Electric Motor 37kw

Number of Vertical Strapping Wires 5

Presona LP-40-EH/1 Refurbished Baler

Presona have put all their knowledge and experience of pressing bottles into this LP-40-EH/1-PET Baler. This is a rare baler, in great condition. It has been serviced 3-4 times a year with an operational time of roughly 3,000 to 5,000. It is capable of baling 140m³ per hour.

Material Density:

30kg/m³ 3.5 tonnes per hour
50kg/m³ 5.25 tonnes per hour
100kg/m³ 8.75 tonnes per hour

With a maximum size of 1,100mm x 700mm x Adjustable Length and weight of 200-500 kg per bale.

This second hand baler has been refurbished to a very high standard.

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Presona LP40 Specification

Filling Opening  1,250mm x 1,100mm

Press Force 40 tonnes

Specific Pressure 5.2 Kp / cm²

Max Oil Pressure 200 Bar

Oil Tank Volume 600 litres

Electric Motors 18.5kw

Number of Vertical Strapping Wires 5