Our solution for creating dense bales, even with PVC windows!

Square dense bales without any ragged edges

Exporting recycled waste for reprocessing is a costly business and margins can be minimal. With volatile material prices and growing containerised transportation costs it’s crucial that maximum payload weights and space are fully utilised

Materials like paper and cardboard, plastics, cans or RDF are bulky and need to be compacted and baled to facilitate economic handling and storage. Achieving the optimum bale weight and density for the material you are working with can be problematic. Appropriate bale dimensions to optimise container loading is an issue while poor compaction will result in deformed bales which expand of sag, meaning that some containers are simply not filled to the optimum

Our solution is a Twin Ram machine with high compression giving uniformly square dense bales without any ragged edges. A bale separation door also minimises cross contamination. With bales measuring 720 x 1050 x 1400 mm this allows six bales across the back of a container, eight rows deep, leaving approximately 800mm to shut the door!

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